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  1. Yoga and Spiritual Self-Reconciliati
    by Paul M. Jerard Jr.. Yoga is a broad term, but it has many styles that are encompassed within this health maintenance system. Most forms of Yoga address physical, mental, and spiritual health - while some are a little strong in one area, but might be a bit lacking somewhere else. One example would be Hatha Yoga and its many popular sub-styles. When Yoga traveled outside India, it evolved into non-Hindu c... products, articles, news

  2. Review of "Meeting God - Elements of Hindu Devotion"
    by Rose Ariadne. As one of the oldest magickal religions that never wavered from its traditional way of thinking, Hinduism has survived onslaughts from the rest of the world without swaying from its course over the millenniums of its existence and stands as a bright, shining beacon to the magickal people all over the world. Stephen Huyler, a photographer and cultural anthropologist who has spent more than three ... products, articles, news

  3. Hinduism, Karma and the Law of Attraction
    by Paul Warren. The law of attraction has been around for centuries, however, only recently has it come into the eye oif the world through the book and DVD 'The Secret'. Once known only ny successful business men and women of our time, and times before us, the law of attraction has become a wide-spread phenomenon, allowing just about anyone to benefit from the vast powers of the universe. The secret law of attr... products, articles, news

  4. Understanding the Law of Karma In Different Contexts
    by Abbas Abedi. What goes around must come around. This is the basic understanding of the "Law of Karma" in the Western world in which it has already become an integral part of the prevailing culture and philosophy. In fact, you can trace similarities between karmic principles and those from modern cultures and religions. It can be related to the concept of doing good deeds in Christianity if interpreted as "if ... products, articles, news

  5. Vedic Astrology: Detailed Prediction Of Life's Events
    by Victor Epand. Jyotisa is the vedic system of astronomy and astrology. It has three branches: 1. Siddhanta: Indian astronomy. 2. Samhita: Mundane astrology, predicting important events based on analysis of astrological dynamics in a countries horoscope or general transit events such as war, earth quakes, political events, financial positions, electional astrology; house and construction related matters (Vastu... products, articles, news

  6. Kama Sutra - The Proper Application Of The Kama Sutra
    by Dane Stanton. When Vatsyayana first penned the Kama Sutra, he had a few important things in mind. He wanted to teach proper Hindu gentlemen of his time the lessons about the major goals in life and how these goals were to be obtained. One of those goals was Sutra, or pleasure derived from experiences. Though the term Sutra could mean pleasure from other than erotic or sexual stimulus, the Kama Sutra has com... products, articles, news

  7. All About Yoga- An Introduction
    by Stephen Campbell. This article will help you to gain knowledge about yoga. The facts about yoga and other relevant information about yoga that could be useful to you to achieve a healthy life. Yoga is defined as a discipline that was developed and introduced in the year 300 by an Indian Hindu in a person of Patanjali. This is art is designed to strengthen the body and stretch the muscles and to increase concentr... products, articles, news

  8. Yoga, Dogma, And Faith
    by Rebecca Prescott. I am always a bit surprised when I hear people say that yoga is offensive to some Christians. Or that someone of Christian faith cannot possibly practice yoga because it is against their beliefs, or what they have been led to believe is true. Perhaps I shouldn't be, given the way religion has been used throughout history - and continues to be used. And Christianity is certainly no different to mo... products, articles, news

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