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TANTRA SCHOOL: Certified Tantra Practitioner

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  TANTRA SCHOOL: Certified Tantra Practitioner  

TANTRA SCHOOL: Certified Tantra Practitioner
by Lemurian Center
Retail Price: $1797.00
Sale Price: $1497.00
Item #: ts_ctp01
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Club Tantra Registration Plus Orientation Package
by Lemurian Center
Retail Price: $500.00
Sale Price: $284.09
Item #: club-tantra-package
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  1. (0 votes) Tantra Yoga Secrets
    by Paul M.. Tantra Yoga is unity by controlling sexual energy. When you consider the main Indian Yoga styles, Tantra Yoga is probably the most controversial of them all. So what is the problem? Is it our "sexual hang-ups" or is it something more? What is the origin of Tantra Yoga? Is it all linked to the Kama Sutra or is there more to it? Since Tantra Yoga uses many components of the classical Yoga styles su... products, articles, news

  2. (0 votes) Understanding The Meaning Of Tantra
    by Victor Epand. There is a general lack of understanding among people concerning Tantra. What is Tantra? What benefits can Tantra have for me? There is no single solid definition for Tantra, as it can encompass several different subjective meanings and connotations. We can examine the common beliefs about Tantra, and explore its history and variety of definitions to get a better understanding of what Tantra is r... products, articles, news

  3. (0 votes) Useful Information About Tantra Yoga
    by ElizabethG Morgan. Tantra yoga is a holistic approach to the study of the universe from the point of view of the individual and it is one of several different types of yoga. It is designed to promote rapid growth towards enlightenment as a living system. Tantric Yoga includes many sciences including astronomy, astrology, numerology, physiognomy, physics, chemistry, alchemy, Ayurveda, psychology, mathematics, geome... products, articles, news

  4. (0 votes) Why Tantra? And How to Apply it in Your Relationship
    by Ayala Lemel. Basic tips and techniques to merge sexuality with spirituality improve your relationship and enjoy lasting love and vitality in your life. Tantra originated in the Vedic writings in India over 3500 years ago and it is believed that the spoken practice was passed very selectively and secretly to highly evolve individuals for centuries prior to that Tantra in Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages... products, articles, news

  5. (0 votes) Noble Tantra Massage
    by Aditya Palav. Tantra Massage has always been mistaken as a sexual therapy, a massage reason for sexual games or orgies. But this is not true. It has been designed keeping men, women and couples in mind. It is for the people seeking higher knowledge about how energy is transmuted and also for progression of spiritual and emotional needs. Also this massage focuses on releasing the stress so as to improve and ex... products, articles, news

  6. (0 votes) Tantra for Couples - Orgasms for Hours
    by Troy Truman. The art of tantric sex is derived from the Hindu religion and has been practiced for centuries in India. There are ancient drawings and statues depicting the art of tantric sex. In fact, the work tantra means to stretch or extend. By practicing the tantra for couples, you can not only extend the length of your lovemaking sessions, but also can extend the sense of pleasure and intimacy beyond the s... products, articles, news

  7. (0 votes) Ancient Tantra - The Key to the Ultimate Relationship Depth
    by Acharya Dasgupta. Tantra is the key to deep emotional bonding and spiritualized relationships between men and women. It preaches that in relationships, we must find a balance between playfulness and seriousness while never losing sight of an essential erotic undercurrent. Tantra expounds the uninhibited expression of our humanness, and deplores the tendency of human relationships to become mechanical and soulless. ... products, articles, news

  8. (0 votes) Online CPR Is One Way To Become Certified
    by Leeroy Jenkins. Receive your online first aid training absolutely free. The first aid virtual online classroom provides comprehensive studies for those who must learn to respond to first aid emergencies. This crucial course is developed by board certified doctors and is endorsed by healthcare professionals. Complete your free online CPR first aid courses and receive the necessary emergency training for choking, b... products, articles, news

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