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  1. 36 Tips To Hearing God's Voice, The Voice For Love Within You: Tip #2 - The Evolution Of Truth
    by DavidPaul Doyle. What is the evolution of truth? It sounds like a strange concept because Truth is eternal. It's changeless. It's formless. It's the essence of pure being that we are and that God is. Truth is the Reality of God, so how can there be an evolution of Truth? When we experience truth in the world, in many ways, it is an evolutionary experience. We are constantly deepening our experience of Truth, our... products, articles, news

  2. Meditation Techniques For Newbie's To Meditation
    by Koz Huseyin. Are you interested in meditation, however, never really tried to meditate? Is meditation something new to you, and don't know how to begin? In this article, we will take a look at some beginner's meditation techniques. In this article, you will learn:* The Point Of Meditation* Meditation Is Medication* The Question Of Time* Basic Meditation Technique For Stress* Basic Meditation Technique For Mo... products, articles, news

  3. Yoga in Practice: From Worrier to Warrior I
    by Paul M. Jerard Jr.. Is worry like a "monkey on your back," or is it a monkey in the mind? Are you in a state of perpetual worry? Is all this worrying affecting your sleep patterns? Can Yoga help you to calm down? Below are some Yogic solutions for worrying. Many Yoga teachers talk about "living in the moment." The chronic worrier needs to live for now and put the past behind him or her. The past cannot ... products, articles, news

  4. Many Varieties of Meditation are Available for Stress, Disease, and Depression Through Relaxation
    by Luise Volta. Most of us who have never meditated or who have always practiced it in a very prescribed manner can learn a great deal by moving beyond our rigid precepts. Beyond the spiritual, there is mounting documentation that regular meditation can reduce stress and support longevity. It's no longer uncommon for health care professionals like physicians, psychologists, and massage therapists to recommend va... products, articles, news

  5. Understanding the Law of Karma In Different Contexts
    by Abbas Abedi. What goes around must come around. This is the basic understanding of the "Law of Karma" in the Western world in which it has already become an integral part of the prevailing culture and philosophy. In fact, you can trace similarities between karmic principles and those from modern cultures and religions. It can be related to the concept of doing good deeds in Christianity if interpreted as "if ... products, articles, news

  6. Yoga, Dogma, And Faith
    by Rebecca Prescott. I am always a bit surprised when I hear people say that yoga is offensive to some Christians. Or that someone of Christian faith cannot possibly practice yoga because it is against their beliefs, or what they have been led to believe is true. Perhaps I shouldn't be, given the way religion has been used throughout history - and continues to be used. And Christianity is certainly no different to mo... products, articles, news

  7. Teaching Hatha Yoga: Religion and Western Culture
    by Paul M. Jerard Jr.. When you teach Hatha Yoga, you are asked many questions. Although public awareness of Yoga, and its teachings, has increased, many people are just discovering some of the benefits within the many styles of Yoga. Therefore, you have to be prepared for the unexpected questions that arise about the mysteries of Yoga. Once in a while, the question of religion does come up. Many times, Yo... products, articles, news

  8. Reiki Attunement Training and History
    by Corie Cornwell. True Reiki training cannot be found in a book or video lecture. Because of the nature of this system of healing, it must be passed on by Master to student over a period of time and effort to become proficient in the art. Reiki was originally developed as a modern revision of some of the ancient Japanese healing secrets by Dr Makao Usui. Dr. Usui was a Christian and teacher who through study of a... products, articles, news

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