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Dispute Resolution

NOTE: As a collection of independent Tantric sellers, strives to maintain the quality of its Tantric sellers based on regularly monitored customer feedback through the 'Comments' link which can be found below the 'Add to Cart' button of every product. If an Tantric seller is found to receive negative customer feedback, we will immediately remove them and all their products from the site. Occasionally, however, a bad sale may occur, and as a result, does not guarantee the products and Tantric sellers found on this website. In the case of a bad sale, please know that your purchases are fully protected by PayPal Customer Satisfaction and if you follow the steps below, you may claim a refund for your purchase.

In the case of a dispute, please follow these steps:
  1. Contact the Tantric seller for shipping and tracking information. Verify that the shipping address is correct and that the Tantric seller has sent the items you ordered. The contact information for your Tantric seller will have been displayed on the 'Thank You' page following payment after your purchase. Make sure to note this information in case you need to contact the Tantric seller regarding your order.

  2. If the Tantric seller agrees to have sent the item, make sure you have allowed ample time for postal delivery which can vary according to circumstances.

  3. If after completing steps 1 and 2 your dispute is not resolved, contact the Tantric seller for a refund. The contact information for your Tantric seller will have been displayed on the 'Thank You' page following payment after your purchase.

  4. If after completing steps 1, 2 and 3 your dispute is not resolved, complete the PayPal Transaction Dispute Form. Here you must enter the PayPal Transaction Receipt ID for the transaction (this number was sent to you by email at the time of purchase), and the billing information for the credit card that you used.

  5. If the Tantric seller does not have proof of shipment, then he will be required by PayPal to issue a refund.

  6. We at would appreciate if you notify us about any Tantric sellers that are giving bad service, so that we may remove them from the website. The best way to notify us about any Tantric seller or product, either good or bad, is to use the 'Comments' link found below the 'Add To Cart' button of every product. These messages are seen both by the Tantric seller, and by administration. We regularly use this feedback to make improvements to the site. Thank you for your assistance.

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