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How to Create a Sacred Tantric Sex Space in Your Home by Gabrielle Moore

Tantric sex believes in honoring everything related to your union. It means honoring and respecting each other's beings, your bodies, what you can do to and for each other, and others. It thus makes perfect sense that one of the first Tantric sex things you should do is to create a sacred place where you can engage in Tantric sex.

Do This Tonight: A Tantric Sex Sacred Place

First of all, a Tantric sex place should be a fixed location in your home. It shouldn't be a place you just set up tonight and then tear down or remove after making love. No, you need to invest in this space.

However, having said that, your own Tantric sex space need not take up a whole room! It can be just a corner of your bedroom or you can convert a small portion of your attic. Some couples use a portion of their living room but if you can avoid it, please do.

This is because, in most cases, one's living room is too associated with everyday activities that it's almost impossible to view the Tanric sacred space you have there as a place of peace, love and spirituality. If you don't have any other space, then you can make the Tantric sex area face away from the living room or simply use plenty of nice fabrics to use as covering.

Secondly, in creating your sacred space, it's important that it's clean, comfortable and very relaxing. So the first thing you do once you choose the exact are is to clean it.

Sweep and vacuum the whole area before anything else. When you're done, take away every piece of clutter surrounding it. You can then place a nice rug or carpet on the floor area. Make sure it's big enough for lying down and adorn this area with lots of pillows of every size.

Make sure that your Tantric sex space has access to proper lighting. Do away with bright bulbs though and go for romantic shades that you can dim. Having space for a lot of lighted candles is also great! In Tantric sex, incense is used a lot so a space where you can light them us useful.

It would be great if you can set up some poles or make a tepee-like structure from which you can hang colorful or neutral-colored fabrics. Be sure you use colors that personally make you relax and don't go by any pictures or samples you see. Do whatever works for you.

After adorning the place with fabric, and if you have space for it, bring in a pot of plant or two, or make sure there's a place where you can set a vase filled with a fresh bouquet of flowers. You can also just opt to place two potted plants at each side of the 'entrance' of your sacred sex space.

Inside, lavish attention on the place where you and/or your sex partner can lay down (i.e., the lover's bed). Use the best linen and stock up on small blankets or towels (assuming space is available).

Ensure that a music system is within distance. At least, make sure the remote control for your sound system is at hand when you enter your Tantric sex place. Since Tantra sex can last for hours, you need a good supply of romantic and soothing CDs!

Some couples like to bring in special keepsakes inside their scared sex space like a wedding photo or their first picture together. Others don't like any clutter whatsoever and see the Tantric sex tent as a place where they can 'leave behind' the world. Again, do whatever works for you and your lover.

While inside the Tantric sex space, you can bring in with you a bottle of wine or simple food items like fruit or cut up cheese and some crackers.

Once you've created your sacred space, take the time to 'bless it'. Don't worry; you don't need to engage in some elaborate ritual. Simply make a conscious effort to ward away any negative vibes and invite positive ones.

You can do this alone or with your partner. Face the sacred sexuality space or go inside it. Sit down close your eyes. Make a fervent wish that goes like this...

'This is the space I devote to sacred loving and sexuality. This is where I'll be making wonderful, passionate love to my partner and nothing, nothing, can harm us or prevent us from honoring each other in this scared space.'

About the Author
Gabrielle Moore is the co-author of The G Spot ( Code. It teaches men how to please women with G Spot orgasms every time. For more information, go to:

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