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The Kama Sutra of Romance: Endless Positions of Love!

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  The Kama Sutra Of Romance: Endless Positions Of Love!  

Kama Sutra, So What Exactly is Kama Sutra? by Crid Lee

Kama Sutra is an ancient Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure and love and marriage in accordance with Hindu law, which it actually seeks to integrate sexuality into a larger context of Hindu spirituality and love.

Kama Sutra, the word that will evoke anyone's mind on the most impossible lovemaking positions in the world. Each position mentioned brings different sensation to different couples that have tried them.

In the past, the most common sex positions are the ones that involve the woman lying down on their back with their legs in different positions. In modern sex positions, women enjoys being on top during lovemaking as they plays the role of the man.

The transition from one sex position to another can be done very naturally and smoothly if you know how to do it. It is more like a dance move that follows one after another. When we are talking about sex, it does not simply means having fun and pleasure but more of a union of the body and mind of couples.

Lovemaking should be a fun and pleasurable experience and not to be treated like a solemn business. Play is also an important part of the early stages of any relationship and definitely play in sex is of no exception.

To prepare for a passionate lovemaking session, you might wish to do the following preparation. Create the ambiance of the room, by scenting the room with incense, heated essential oils or scented crystals. Have a shower together and massage each other to remove the fatigue and grimes of the day and also gets you into the mood for love.

You may want to do some massaging for each other before you start the foreplay and kissing. Once you can get yourself and your partner into the mood, you can have a unforgettable lovemaking session.

A word of advice for the women, during the intercourse, if you starts seeing fatigue in your lover, and knowing that his desire is not satisfied, with his permission, get him to lie down on his back and she provide the assistance by playing his role.

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