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  Female Ejaculation  

Can You Control Your Ejaculation? by Jerry Leung

Most man cannot really control their ejaculations. In fact, there are some ways to do so. Yes there are ways to train yourself so that you can have better control on your ejaculation. You will certainly last longer!

First of all, you need to be relaxed when ejaculation approaches. As a matter of fact, it is very natural for a man to become very tensed at this moment. So you should learn to be relaxed when you feel that ejaculation is approaching.

One of the ways to make you relaxed is to stop or slow down when you feel that ejaculation approaches. In most cases it will work. Remember, you have to really stay still otherwise you will just ejaculate. And you can start again once the feeling of ejaculation disappears.

On the other hand, you can also try to breathe slowly when ejaculation is approaching. In fact, you are doing that because you will pay attention to your breath when you are breathing slowly. If possible, you can try to breathing slowly in the same rhythm with your partner. This can also be a good way of communication with your partner. This will make your body relaxed. And you will do it until the feeling of climax goes away.

Of course you can try to apply the above techniques and and try to train yourself when you are making love with your partner. Yet you can also try to train yourself through masturbation. In fact, it is a very good way to learn during masturbation.

When you are masturbate, be sure that you will not be doing it in a rush. Instead, you have to do that in a private place. It is also very important that no one will be able to disturb you. It is because you will tend to rush and try to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible in you know that someone may be able to disturb you while masturbating.

When you are masturbating, you should try to stop when you feel that you are achieving orgasm. Then you should stop and wait. Then you will start again till you have the feeling that you are achieving orgasm again. You will repeat this process a few times. You should be very conscious when you are doing that otherwise you will just fail.

If you can constantly train yourself, it can be sure that you can control your ejaculation at some point!

About the Author
The Author has a site on Best Sex Positions ( Be sure to check the article Tips for Oral Sex for Dummies (, as well as What is The Best Way to Enhance Penis Size (

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