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Your Woman Is Faking Orgasm?

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  Your Woman Is Faking Orgasm?  

How To Hypnotize A Woman - Secrets Of Hypnotic Seduction by Patrick Jhonston

Covert hypnosis can be used to seduce a woman very easily once you have learnt a few basic covert hypnotic seduction techniques.

Most men when they think about using hypnosis to seduce women start looking their grandfathers pocket watch and wonder how they are going to get girls to lie down and let themselves be hypnotized.

If you think put a girl into a deep trance and then jumping her bones is a good seduction technique your wrong. It is however a good technique to get yourself arrested and accused of rape.

What you have to learn are covert hypnotic seduction techniques which will allow you to hypnotize her without putting her into a trance. If done correctly covert hypnosis is undetectable by the subject.

Covert hypnosis is all about getting on the subjects wavelength and into her mind so she can be seduced very easily without realizing anything out of the ordinary is taking place.

The first basic technique is to hold eye contact for just a second or two longer than normal do this frequently doing conversation and you will arouse primal thoughts in her that make her ripe for seduction.

You must be very subtle with this technique don't hold eye contact for to long or you turn her off, just a few heartbeats longer than normal is enough.

The idea is that she perceives it subconsciously and is aroused but detects nothing unusual consciously.

Another basic technique is mirroring and matching with this technique you subtly match her gestures as you talk. You can use gesture with the same meaning if you wish rather than copy her exactly. If she smooths her hair a preening gesture you can straighten your tie.

This technique get you on the same wavelength it will add weight to everything you say and make you more convincing. It will also make her feel like you are kindred spirits and she will want to get close to you.

You can mirror and match more than just gestures try postures and speech patterns.

A more advanced technique is leading. While matching and mirroring is very powerful leading is awesomely powerful. After matching her posture, gestures and speech patterns for a few minutes, you can try leading.

Change your posture or use a gesture and if you have built enough rapport she will follow because your on the same wavelength. If she doesn't follow go back to mirroring for a few minutes and try again.

This is a very powerful technique because by getting her to change her posture and physiology you can change the emotions she is experiencing.When you are a skill practitioner you will be able to get woman to relax and open up very easily.

This 3 techniques are just the tip of the ice berg there is so much more you can do with language, anchors, metaphors, and internal filtering that just make women putty in your hands.

Start with just one covert hypnosis technique and then added another make the them habitual so that it come second nature to you, and you will soon be able to seduce a woman almost on auto-pilot.

About the Author
How to seduce a woman ( the author website, is a source of many more seduction secrets articles and reports. Learning to seduce women is an important life skill for men and a little investment in time and energy will reap a lifetime of enjoyment with beautiful women.

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