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FAQ - What Is An Orgasm by Holly Franklin

The orgasm is a misunderstood subject that many people want to learn about. The orgasm and particularly the women's orgasm is a complicated subject matter that covers a lot of information. It is a term that searched for on Google over 46,000 times a day alone. However there is a lot of disinformation and untruth on the internet over the term.

Why is their so much interest in the sexual reproduction and the orgasm? Well because it is the culmination of successful sexual intercourse and is hard wired into our DNA but still not fully understood. In a desire to gain more pleasure from our sexual experiences it is only logical therefore to try and understand more about the orgasm and thus be able to use that knowledge to increase your love-making technique to make the most from sexual interplay.

The orgasm and it related subject matter is too much for one article but to start to understand the whole ethos we must first try and explain what the orgasm is.

What is an Orgasm?

An orgasm (sexual climax) is the conclusion of the plateau phase in the bodies' response to sexual stimulus and maybe experienced by both males and females. An orgasm is characterised by intense physical pleasure controlled by the involuntary or automatic nervous system. The orgasm often leads to involuntary actions such as muscular spasms in other parts of the body, a general euphoric sensation, and as all girls know may need lead to the need to shout out.

This not the full story as there are many competing theories about what constitutes an orgasm and the argument centres around the actions needed to obtain an orgasm.

Definitions of orgasm

Three is heated debate as to what types of sexual sensation can accurately be termed as "orgasm", including for example of the orgasm caused by G-spot stimulation alone and the manifestation of extended or continuous orgasms lasting several minutes or even more than an hour. The debate central point is the clinical definition of the orgasm.

The way it is usually described in the clinical context is by the muscular contractions involved.

This is open to speculation as within people their perceptions of achieving orgasm are different and do not necessarily involve the involuntary contractions characteristics of orgasm. In would be fair to say though that in both sexes the feeling of climaxing is enormously enjoyable and often felt throughout the whole body, causing a mental state that many describe as transcendental (moving, awe-inspiring).

In conclusion

The orgasm is the sexual climax after the culmination of sexual intercourse but can come from masturbation and other types of stimulation including anal stimulation. It is however defined by the involuntary muscular reactions that take place as a result of such actions.

About the Author
Self pleasure for women ( is a website set up by Holly Franklin to be a self pleasure ( resource for women. Holly's new website offers articles on the women's orgasm ( for women and couples.

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