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Cosmic Ordering - How to Easily Get Everything You Want! by Trevor Johnson

Cosmic ordering is a way of getting the Law of Attraction to work for you.

Quickly and easily.

Sounds great! But does it really work? Can you actually get anything you want in life, delivered to you with no effort on your part?



If you've not heard of the Law of Attraction, all this probably sounds weird and "off the wall". So before we examine Cosmic ordering, let's take a quick look at the Law of Attraction:

Put simply, whatever you focus on you will attract to you.

That's because your subconscious mind notices you thinking about various things and it therefore decides those things are what you want.

Our subconscious mind doesn't criticize. So if you're focusing on lack or staying just above the poverty line, guess what your subconscious thinks you want? Yes, lack of things. Even if you're regularly chanting positive affirmations, if most of the time you are thinking about the lack of good things around you then your subconscious will work towards making that happen for you.


Cosmic ordering helps turn that around.

Again, put simply it's just a matter of putting a thought or intention out to the universe, sitting back and waiting for that to happen.

Of course, there's a bit more to using the cosmic ordering service than that. But the good news is there isn't much more to it.

Placing your order with the Cosmos (or universe or higher being or whatever else you're comfortable calling this) is the starting point.

Because the Cosmos takes things literally, the actual wording of your order has to be very specific. Negative words are ignored. So if your order involves not wanting poverty, the Cosmos will ignore the word "not" and will assume that you are wanting poverty. Which almost certainly wasn't what you had in mind.

So the first step is to very carefully word the order that you are going to place with the Cosmos.

The more detail, the better.

If you just want a "new car" then you may end up with a new car but it could easily be a toy one. Or a new car for an hour in the form of a test drive.

The more specific you are with your cosmic orders, the better. And the more likely they are to come about.

So if your "new car" order turns into one that covers owning the vehicle outright, the color and model, all the "extras" that car companies love to put in your way, absolutely everything down to your reflection in the rear view mirror. Then the universe knows what it is supposed to deliver to you and your cosmic order becomes much more likely to happen.

Will all this occur without any input from you?

Sometimes it will. Maybe you'll win the car. Or some generous aunt or uncle will pay for it.

More often, you'll have to put some work in to make your cosmic order happen. Likely not much work as you've got the whole of the universe on your side.

Give it a try - you'll be pleasantly surprised how often you can use the cosmic ordering service to get your dream results.

About the Author
Find out more about cosmic ordering and how you can turn your dreams into reality by reading my cosmic ordering review here (

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