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Club Tantra Registration Plus Orientation Package
by Lemurian Center
Retail Price: $500.00
Sale Price: $284.09
Item #: club-tantra-package


TANTRA SCHOOL: Certified Tantra Practitioner
by Lemurian Center
Retail Price: $1,500.00
Sale Price: $1,002.40
Item #: ts_ctp01

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Club Tantra Registration Plus Orientation Package


Lemurian Center



Couples, break out and have fun at Club Tantra. Singles, join one of our groups and find a date to bring to the Club Tantra. Our format’s unique with fun mixers, tantra demos and coached practice following by an intimate party. Many rave about this experience. This is our most successful event now in our 10th year. Our highly-trained professional staff supports and encourages you to maximize your experience. You enjoy learning tantra in a safe, playful atmosphere. If you are not able to travel to our center, then we may be able to arrange something in your area.
by Lemurian Center
Retail Price: $500.00
Sale Price: $284.09
Item #: club-tantra-package


Club Tantra combines the best of Tantra, Polyamory and Lifestyles which we call TANTRA SWING! Monogamous people enjoy Club Tantra too. Couples can stay together or play with others. It's your choice. Each person's individual boundaries are honored. At Club Tantra "no" means "no" which allows "yes'es", when they come, to be super loud and clear! People of all orientations and relationship choice love being in an erotic atmosphere with couples and singles (gender balanced) enjoying sensual play.

What’s Club Tantra?

In a Club Tantra evening, we blend tantra instruction, technique practice and party. We start the evening with mixer exercises. We all get to know one another; the group relaxes and becomes more casual. Next students learn basic tantric principles, especially sexual techniques. Teachers demonstrate the techniques. Then, with one another, students practice what they just learned. Couples and groups next massage the women, then the men. The energy in the room becomes ecstatic and orgasmic.

Who Attends Club Tantra?

Many attend Club Tantra evenings in a couple, with a mate or date. Some partners in a couple choose to do all the exercises only with each other while they enjoy the erotic atmosphere and sexual energy of the group. Such look-see couples get turned on watching and listening to other people getting turned on and making love.

Many newbies and people curious about tantra, swinging, polyamory and bisexuality attend to learn and experiment with their relating options.

Other couples--particularly polyamorous pairs and in the Lifetsyle playcouples--exchange massages and make love with other singles and couples.

Singles are usually gender balanced--we usually admit the same number of single men and women, though we do admit extra women who want to connect with couples or other women. Singles and couples are often interested in finding a date, mate or life partner. Sometimes committed triads and same sex couples attend Club Tantra events. Singles, couples, triads or groups--all are welcome; we all learn from each other.

Whether you come to watch, swing softly, swap, or find lifelong lovers, Club Tantra's combination of tantra and the lifestyle party lets you flow with ease and comfort.

What’s the difference between a swinger’s party and Club Tantra?

The energy and atmosphere at Club Tantra is unlike many swinger parties. The structure of a Club Tantra evening-- a tantra class followed by a party--creates an energy that resonates with a lot of people.

Unlike purely swinger parties, which can be too fast or rough for some, Club Tantra events slowly build safety, inclusion, cohesion, sensuality, then tantric sexuality. We create sacred space and warm ambiance so people can relax, hear and understood each other, feel secure, supported and encouraged and, as a result, more effectively get their needs met.

At Club Tantra, we express our desires, expectations, limitations and boundaries. We discuss, understand and honor each others' hopes and limits We learn and reinforce couples' agreements and support each person is supported and encouraged in what they want and need. We encourage honesty at all times; truth sets us free. Tantra in our erotic atmosphere is fun, sensual, passionate and loving and also provides deep healing, food for our souls. The Club Tantra format satisfies our longing for deeper connection and greater intimacy.

At Club Tantra "No" means "No". "No’s" are honored with reverence and sincerity so when "Yes" comes, it's genuine. The slower energy of tantra llets you relax and gradually let your hair down, like a flower glistening with morning dew on its petals that gently opens to the gradually expanding warm, morning sun.

A friend of ours who ran swinger parties for years said that after a swinger’s party, he had fun, but felt exhausted. When he learned tantra, he learned how to control his energy and move it between himself and his lovers. The result: he felt exhilarated. When he slowed his erotic connecting, looked in his partners' eyes, shared tantric breathing with them and exercised ejaculatory control, he felt energized and genuinely loved. He could stay present longer with his lovers and as a result they felt better about the experience and didn’t have the morning-after regrets, shame, guilt and resentments they'd hithertofore felt after swinging-only parties.

How do I know if I’m ready for a Club Tantra party?

Club Tantra, swinging or polyamory won't fix your relationship. If you want to tune-up your relationship, schedule a private tantra session with Kira and Xander and learn some tantra first. Learn what, at Club Tantra, you'll be getting into. If you and your partner are having relationship difficulties and need more than just a tune-up or tantra lesson, you may even need couple counseling with Kira and Xander. But if you’re fine with your partner and in a good space, you may want to try the Club Tantra experience without a private preparation session.

Fill out the application to attend Club Tantra and notice how you feel as you answer the application's questions. If, after you answer the questions, you still you want to attend Club Tantra, you’re ready to attend.

At a Club Tantra evening, activities gradually move from entry-level mixer encounters to tantra instruction, sexual demonstrations and opportunities to practice tantra sex techniques and, in groups, massage one woman and man at at a time.

There are logical breaks where you could take your leave if you find that you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Or you may simply move to another part of the house till you get more centered, catch your breath and feel like you can rejoin the group. Remember, there’s never any pressure to do anything. You can always simply watch.

What if I’m ready and my partner isn’t?

We encourage you to be honest with your partner at all times. We honor relationships and don’t want you to do anything that would risk what you have. If your partner isn’t ready for a Club Tantra party, schedule private tantra instruction to address your concerns you attend Club Tantra or any alternative lifestyle function.

If this subject has come up, it more than likely it won’t go away. Couples can drift apart and as they go through time and develop other interests. Sexuality often becomes a big issue with couples as partners shift the subpersonalities they present to each other Romantic Lover to Practical Partner to deal with work, stress, children, issues and aging. In this shift, couples who are inflexible often split up. Relationships that survive and satisfy require conscious effort. Lifestyling and polyamory can keep you and your beloved intimate and erotic. Seek professional counseling if you have any doubts before either one or both of you attend any lifestyle functions.

Can singles attend Club Tantra?

Yes, singles can attend. We gender-balance our events but there are always situations which may skew our numbers. We admit same-sex couples and triads. Sometimes people who say they’re coming don’t make it. So, despite our efforts, the Club Tantra you attend may not have equal numbers of males and females. If you find yourself "the odd person" at Club Tantra, use this situation to turn-on your warmth and relate to couples or groups that form during the course of the events.

Can I come as a single if my partner doesn’t want to or isn’t here?

If you and your partner agree, you can attend Club Tantra as a single. Often one member of a pair attends Club Tantra. Just be honest about your relationship when we do our check-in; some attendees are only looking for play partners but others are single, dating and seeking a primary partner and need to know it you're already committed to someone else.

Can we hump the host and hostess at a Club Tantra party?

Maybe. Xander and Kira are a committed couple and life partners who identify themselves as tantric and polyamorous. They date but get to know a person or couple well before they get sexual. If you wish to court them, do so before the Club Tantra evening. At Club evenings, Kira and Xander are usually busy hosting the party and won’t decide on the spot about whether to take you as a new lover. But if you've already connected with them, they may play with you when Club Tantra enters its party phase. Fill out a personals and communicate with Kira and Xander

Can I be guaranteed to get laid?

No guarantee. If you come to the party with great sexpectations, you may be disappointed. If you find that people avoid connecting with you, look at yourself as though you were someone considering you as a lover. From the eyes of another, are you desirable as a lover? The universe is a bio-feedback system and if you don't connect with lovers, you're somehow invisible, boring or repellant. If you fail to connect or, if you do connect, the person you connect with is "wrong" for you, look at what you advertise. Examine what you’re pulling in from the universe and schedule private counseling/coaching and tantra sessions. People are sensitive to energy when they studying tantra, and you may have blocks which keep your energy from flowing. We come from a dysfunctional society, so don’t take it personally. You may simply need to reprogram yourself to get your needs met.

With study, therapy, counseling, coaching and fine-tuning you'll get different reaction from potential partners.

We’ve seen many students transform from shy, nervous, nerdy, neurotic and ordinary to graceful, self-confident. They become tantric Gods and Goddesses when they immerse themselves in their tantric practice. Tantra transforms timidity and truculence to take-charge transcendence.

At Club Tantra you put tantric practice into action and, with others of like mind, take tantra to its highest level in divine, loving sacred circles, extended-families and tantric tribes. Come find your bliss in ecstatic states of erotic fun and passionate play.

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